In-house Compliance Tools and Resources

DISA, formerly North Star Fleet Solutions, has tools and resources developed over the past 30 years which we have now made available to companies with in-house compliance departments. Why reinvent the wheel? Call us to find out how to put these tools and resources to work for you.

GPS Smart Audit

GPS is accurate and reliable, but it isn’t perfect.  You cannot rely solely on the distance by jurisdiction summary from your GPS vendor.  In the event of an audit, your auditor will ask you to produce ORIGINAL unedited GPS points.

Our GPS SmartAudit service will help you manage that data and we’ll also check it for gaps and errors.  How easy is that?

Option 1: We audit your GPS data for errors.  We provide to you an audited distance by jurisdiction report and also a gap report so you can insure ALL distance is accurately reported on your quarterly IFTA and mileage tax returns.

Option 2: Want to manage your own process?  We will license GPS SmartAudit to you as a client hosted service.

Here are just some of the benefits:

    • Confidence and reassurance that your GPS distance is correct according to both the IFTA and IRP requirements.
    • Ability to deal with GPS issues including gaps in data and false readings
    • Fuel stops report (if subscribed to OFTS / GPS SmartAudit Combo)
    • Original GPS data records stored according to IFTA / IRP requirements (vs. HOS regulations)
    • GPS data is downloaded and audited
    • And easy, streamlined way to deal with the thousands and thousands of GPS data points.
  • Can accept GPS from most systems:  (examples:  Telogis, Fleetmatics, Verizon/Networkfleet, PeopleNet, Omnitracs, Shaw, Geotab, Geotrac, GFI, etc.)

Online Fuel Tax Software [OFTS]

If you are an IFTA licensed carrier and want to manage your own fleet tax compliance reporting, this is the program for you.

OFTS (Online Fuel Tax Reporting Software) is a proven, easy to use program which gives you the platform to create IFTA and mileage tax summary reports for filing your returns.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Simplify your IFTA / IRP reporting process
  • Improve accuracy through data validation and checks
  • Save time and money by doing it right the first time
  • Control your data in a single location
  • Multiple uses of data collected for analysis of truck/company performance
  • Analysis for both IFTA and non-IFTA units – your entire fleet!
  • Improve inter-company communications and information sharing
  • Improve customer communication
  • Online access provides centralized or decentralized data entry for companies with multiple locations and/or divisions
  • Scalable – from 1 truck to multiple users/fleets/companies
  • Seamless web-based access
  • Secure password protected
Consulting Services
“Turn To DISA for Compliance Guidance, Problem Solving and Improvement. Tax Compliance Simplified.”

Information and Training
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