We’re Much More than a Typical Trucking Compliance Service Bureau

DISA, formerly North Star Fleet Solutions offers full services, web based tools and on demand help; for trucking fleets of all sizes; that are challenged to keep up with the ever-changing regulations, workload and cost of staying in regulatory compliance.

Regulators and auditors tell us that most fleets think they are handling compliance correctly, but aren’t. Many trucking fleets have grown up using in-house staff or small service providers that address 50% to 80% of compliance needs, but leave risky and costly gaps.

North Star stands out because we have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose compliance challenges. Then we offer the trucking compliance industry’s widest selection of full services, web based tools and on demand help. This means your fleet can simplify its compliance challenges, fill gaps and make staff more effective. North Star helps you select exactly the right services, for the budget you need.

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Full Service Tax Compliance and Reporting
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
    • IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax returns
    • Mileage Tax returns
    • Audit Representation
  • Annual Permits
    • IRP (Prorate/PRP)
    • Mileage Tax Permits: NM, KY, NY, OR
    • US Customs Decals
  • IRP licensing and permitting
    • Prorate licensing (IRP)
    • Mileage Tax Permits
    • US Customs Decals
    • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

“DISA makes all my compliance worry free. I don’t have to worry about all my renewals and permits expiring. North Star stays on top of that for me. No fines, no drivers stuck at the side of the road for not having the right paperwork!”

Experienced Team of Professionals. North Star’s team members are some of the most knowledgeable and helpful Fuel Tax and Licensing professionals in the industry. We have decades of experience and keep up to date with the constant changes in regulations across Canada and the U.S. Let us manage your Fuel Tax & Licensing requirements so you can focus on running your business and serving customers.

An Affordable Solution. Our Fuel Tax & Licensing management services are complete and affordable. You can get complete coverage for a truck for less than the price of a couple of cups of coffee a day (or about half a cup a day if you drink the fancy stuff).

Why Should You Outsource Fuel Tax & Licensing? It is easy to register vehicles in your home jurisdiction. But if your operations take your trucks into a different province, state or country, look out. Simplicity disappears as soon as you cross a border, and you’re thrown into a bureaucratic maze of regulations. Every jurisdiction has its own complex rules and wants its share of Fuel Tax and Licensing revenue. The complexity gets multiplied with every vehicle you add to the fleet and every new jurisdiction you travel through.North Star’s full service approach prevents these problems and delays.

Combine North Star’s Outsourcing Services, Resources and Tools with Your In-house Department Just need one tool, resource or service? Maybe a few? That’s why we offer a combination of out-sourced services, tools and resources that we personalize to your needs and budget. Plus we are always there with our phone support and problem solving. One call and we can find the solution that works for you.

Avoid the Risk of Hefty Fines. Auditors can probe your records over the last 5 years and slap you with retroactive fines plus interest. These hefty penalties can evaporate your profits, or in some cases, even sink the company. The Auditors we’ve interacted with tell us that many of the companies that think they have a handle on the rules are missing key pieces of the puzzle. Tap into our expertise to make sure you don’t fall into an expensive mistake.

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We look forward to being of service.

Unique Automation Needs? At DISA we employ leading work flow and process technology. With this we can meet the unique needs of fleets that are looking for customized ways to address their compliance needs. Call us to discuss how this can save time, costs and gain efficiencies in your operation.

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