New Fleet Set-up

US & Canadian authorities

Just starting out and need authorities? We’ll work with you every step of the way and simplify what you need. From single owner-operators to thousand truck operations we’ll get you set up and road-ready for both Canada and the US.

Authorities: US MC number (Contract and Common)
US DOT number
Canadian National Safety Code Number
Process Agents
Licensing: IRP – International Registration Plan (aka: apportioned, prorate, PRP)
We will work with your base jurisdiction to get your plates and get you on the road!
Fuel Tax: IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement
We will get your IFTA license, decals and even a temporary permit!
Yukon: Heading North? You might need to get set up with Yukon Fuel Tax.
SCAC Code: You will need a Standard Carrier A….. Code if you are hauling to the US.
Mileage Tax: Travelling to Kentucky, New York, New Mexico or Oregon? You’re going to mileage tax accounts in these states. Let us help avoid fines and penalties by doing it right the first time.
US Customs: Travelling to the US from Canada? You’ll need a US Customs Transponder. We can help you out.
HVUT: US Heavy Vehicle Use Tax – Form 2290 is no problem. We make sure you are registered the right way and file on-time. You don’t want to have to deal with the IRS, do you?
Bonds: US Customs, Canada Customs, Broker, OR mileage tax. We’ve got ‘em all.

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