GPS Tracking and Fleet Management

Track Your Trucks. Utilize your data. Manage Your Fleet.

DISA, formerly North Star Fleet Solutions, makes it easy for you to track your trucks and manage your fleet over the web.

Easy to Use, Comprehensive & Flexible
Our GPS tracking system is easy to use, comprehensive and flexible. We make it simple to monitor vehicle movements and driver behavior. From a simple Internet connection, you are able to track all your vehicles; from anywhere … anytime.

Plus, for Fuel Tax & Licensing submissions, we automatically gather the data you need each month. You can also use the system as a flexible and powerful fleet management and maintenance solution.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

This is where we shine. Unlike providers who are focused on GPS equipment, our powerful reporting capabilities make the difference in analyzing your data to give you valuable insight to manage your fleet better than ever before.

  • We offer a wide variety of standard reports that can be used in your business every day including: fleet utilization, fuel usage, odd hours driving, speed violations, stop and idle time
  • Do further analysis by exporting data to other popular programs such as EXCEL
  • Automatically create and deliver the right reports, to the right person, at the right time by e-mail
Customized to Your Needs and Your ROI

Our helpful staff will help you decide how much or how little of the functionality you use. Then, we’ll custom tailor the set up so that you get just the features you need, and help you add more over time. For clients that want to capitalize on the full potential of GPS and the data it produces, we advise on report configuration and how to manage data flow. This is where your real ROI starts to kick in. We can utilize the data to customize the reporting for both our equipment, as well as the equipment you may already have installed.

Powered by Networkfleet
North Stars GPS solution is powered by Networkfleet. With more than 120,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, Networkfleet is a leading provider of wireless fleet management solutions.

NetworkFleet is now part of Verizon, and has been a long standing partner with North Star Fleet. Check out Networkfleet/Verizon’s new website at for all their Fleet Management solutions.

Vehicle Tracking + So Much More

Tracking where your trucks are, is just the start; we also enable you to:

  • Use an easy map-based website to monitor vehicle locations and movements
  • Access both overview and detailed maps
  • Trace routes your vehicles have driven, with historical bread crumb trail data
  • Create alerts to provide automatic notifications when a truck leaves or enters a specific zone (called geo-fencing). This is great for estimating arrival schedules, informing customers of delivery times, as well as verifying border crossing status.
Proactive Maintenance

Proactive fleet maintenance is always an issue and our solution creates new possibilities for your maintenance. Our GPS connects into the truck engine’s computer. That means it gives you anytime access to diagnostic and performance data. With this connection, your maintenance team can now:

  • Automatically collect diagnostic and odometer readings
  • Remotely monitor the health of your vehicles 24/7
  • Receive email notifications of diagnostic alerts coming from any engine
  • Proactively schedule maintenance for any concern areas… before there’s a breakdown
Why Select DISA?

There are a number of GPS tracking service providers. Why should you select us?

  • Over 20 Years of Trucking Industry Expertise – The trucking industry is our only business. We understand trucking problems and solutions, and how GPS functionality with the right reporting and analysis can help you every day. Our solution is easy to use and offers both the GPS functions, and the reporting and analysis, that make the most of the GPS data your devices capture. Because GPS, and all the uses of its data, is our only business; you will get the most out of your investment.
  • GPS Data Reporting and Analysis – To use our data reporting and analysis, our clients can use the GPS we provide them, or the GPS they have already installed! No need to switch. Without making the proper use of your GPS data, you’re missing out on half of the ROI that is really available. So, if you want to really increase your ROI from new or current GPS we’ll simplify the reporting and analysis of this data for you to make it happen.
  • No Surprise or Hidden Fees – Our one low monthly GPS fee includes all of our services. Because we don’t nickel and dime our clients, we’ve welcomed a number of new clients who felt ripped off by the hidden fees other competitors too often charge.
  • Roadside Assistance – Roadside Assistance is provided at no extra charge to every vehicle in your fleet that has one of our tracking devices on board. This covers up to four service incidents per year. It also includes towing, battery boost, tire change, fuel delivery and locksmith service.
  • Helpful Support over the Phone – We pride ourselves in our helpfulness to our clients. We’re highly accessible with knowledgeable assistance for any questions about using your system. Call us and give us a chance to help.
Get Tracking: Are You Ready?

Call to discuss your requirements. Our promise is that whether you’re looking for new GPS, or want to make the most of your existing GPS data, we’ll help you get set up with a GPS solution that is tailor made to make you one of the best operators in the trucking industry. Unleash the power GPS for your operation.

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