Full Service Tax Compliance and Reporting

Fuel Tax Reporting
Accurate distance data is important to fuel tax reporting. At DISA, formerly North Star Fleet Solutions, can handle data written down on paper by your drivers, and we can also use data exported from your GPS. We have a couple of options.

1. Have your own GPS system already installed? We can arrange with your GPS service provider to download that data directly to our server and use that data for your IFTA return.
2. Don’t have a GPS system but don’t want to write down distance or odometer readings manually? We are a Verizon/Networkfleet Telematics Platinum Partner. We have GPS boxes available for installation. NO MORE MANUAL TRIP RECORDS, and the data is very accurate.

Looking for a GPS Tracking and Fleet Management options? We can help you regardless of whether you have IFTA qualified vehicles or not. Give us a call for a quote.

Licensing and Permitting
IRP (Prorate/PRP)

  • Mileage Tax Permits: NM, KY, NY, OR
  • US Customs Decals… more

Licensing – We submit the initial filing and all updates for prorated licensing of your fleet. We quickly obtain plates and cab cards for you. We maintain database records of all of your equipment and transactions to make any changes fast and simple. We ensure you meet all the regulatory requirements in the most cost effective manner.

Special Permits – We help you with a wide variety of permits and filings related to truck legalization including HVUT (form 2290), UCR, Property Tax filings etc.

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