OFTS (Online Fuel Tax Reporting Software)

If you are an IFTA licensed carrier and want to manage your own fleet tax compliance reporting, this is the program for you.

OFTS (Online Fuel Tax Reporting Software) is a proven, easy to use program which gives you the platform to create IFTA and mileage tax summary reports for filing your returns.


  • Simplify your IFTA / IRP reporting process
  • Improve accuracy through data validation and checks
  • Save time and money by doing it right the first time
  • Control your data in a single location
  • Multiple uses of data collected for analysis of truck/company performance
  • Analysis for both IFTA and non-IFTA units – your entire fleet!
  • Improve inter-company communications and information sharing
  • Improve customer communication
  • Online access provides centralized or decentralized data entry for companies with multiple locations and/or divisions
  • Scalable – from 1 truck to multiple users/fleets/companies
  • Seamless web-based access
  • Secure password protected

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