Saskatchewan Increases GVWs for B-trains, tridem tractors

 vehicle size-and-weight regulation

Here’s some good news if you are a carrier that travels in Saskatchewan.

Truck News is reporting that the Government of Saskatchewan enacted new vehicle size-and-weight regulations on April 1. The report said that the rules, which have yet to be officially published in Hansard and made available to the public, include four major changes:

  1. Tridem-drive trucks can now tow pony trailers.
  2. Semi-trailers with tridem axle groups can operate at 24,000 kg on select highways where the axle spread is 3.0 to 3.6 meters.  They will operate on the same routes as B-trains.
  3. The gross vehicle weight for tridem drive B-trains has increased to 61,800 kg from 54,500 kg on secondary weight highways.
  4. The list of primary weight highways where B-trains can operate at the maximum weight of 63,500 kg has been expanded.

Read the full report at the Truck News web site.

To take advantage of these changes, you may need to increase the allowable weight on your prorate cab card for Saskatchewan. This involves submitting a request to the prorate office for a GVW weight increase. You pay the difference between your current weight and the new weight as well as a prorate administration fee ($13) plus the registry service charge ($9.45).

If you are having trouble navigating these changes we can help.  Give us a call at 1-877-860-8025 or email  We’ll have you up and running at the new weights in no time!

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