IFTA Reporting Deadlines for 2014

IFTA deadlines 2014

Now that you’ve filed your final IFTA return for 2013, here are IFTA’s quarterly reporting periods and filing deadlines for 2014:

• 1st Quarter (January, February, March): April 30

• 2nd Quarter (April, May, June): July 31

• 3rd Quarter (July, August, September): Oct. 31

• 4th Quarter (October, November, December): February 2, 2015

If any of these dates fall on a weekend or civic holiday in your jurisdiction, tax returns must be postmarked the next working day.

Whether you file your own IFTA tax returns or hire someone else to do it for you, it’s your responsibility to keep accurate mileage and fuel records and to file your returns on time.

Want to streamline your IFTA reporting this year, reduce errors, and manage the process better? Sign up for “30 In 30” and see how you’d stand up in an IFTA audit.

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