IFTA 1st Quarter Filing Deadline: April 30

IFTA deadlines

This Wednesday, April 30, is the deadline to file your IFTA tax return for the 1st quarter of 2014.

All IFTA returns must be filed online and any amounts due must be paid by midnight on the due date to be considered timely. Postmark is the most common form of proof of a timely filing for paper returns.  If your jurisdiction allows for on-line filing, you may receive confirmation, but chances are that you have to be able to provide the proof that you did indeed file.

If you miss the IFTA filing deadline or you underpay, you’ll be charged fees plus interest for each jurisdiction where you owe money. Generally, interest is calculated from the date the tax was due for each month or fraction of a month until paid. IFTA’s online filing system will calculate the interest due on the return, assuming you pay at the time you file.

Check with your base jurisdiction for the proper filing requirements, and don’t forget to include payment and to sign your return. If you need a table of IFTA quarterly tax rates, you can go here to view and download IFTA tax matrices. If you have questions about how to file an IFTA return, or how to manage the process, let us know. We can help you.

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