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Sending Out an SOS – Don’t Let An Audit Sink You

IFTA Audit - Sinking Ship

It was a 105 years ago that the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic, sending more than 1,500 people to their doom. The ship was state-of-the-art at the time, with a double bottom and 15 watertight compartments. But we all know how […]

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Change For The Better

The term “change management” sounds menacing but in fact we manage change every day. Maybe your regular route to work is blocked by construction. It’s a pain, but you find a new way and, as it happens, there’s less traffic and you get there faster. When IFTA […]

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Navigating the ELD Maze

Mazes have a history that spans thousands of years. They can be a convoluted entanglement of hedges, corn, wood, or mirrors. Or they can be made of the regulations FMCSA created on the use of electronic logging devices. As the deadline for ELD compliance approaches, the array […]

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2 Ways IRP Will Change in 2015

Every year it seems like there’s a new acronym to add to the alphabet soup of fuel tax and licensing rules. The one to know for 2015? FRP. FRP stands for Full Reciprocity Plan, an agreement among IRP jurisdictions starting Jan. 1, 2015. For existing fleets licensed […]

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Good Housekeeping: Compile IRP Distance Records Now

check IRP records

August is a great time to make sure you have accurate and complete distance records for the previous IRP reporting period (from July 1 to June 30 of the preceding year). Here are some things to keep in mind: 1. Capture all distance You’re required to report […]

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HVUT Deadline: Sept. 2

IFTA deadline

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) is an annual tax on vehicles operating on U.S. highways at a registered gross weight equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds. You have to file a tax return (IRS Form 2290, Schedule 1) and payment for the month your vehicle is first […]

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The 3 C’s: What to Tell Your Accountant About IRP


Vehicle registration fees are a cost of doing business. But it’s a cost you can manage when you join a prorate program. If you need a reminder why you should keep your accountant in the loop when register vehicles under the International Registration Plan (IRP), remember these […]

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Ontario to Increase Registration Fees

registration fees

The Province of Ontario has approved regulatory amendments to increase its vehicle registration fees. Bus registration fees will be effective on Nov. 1, 2014, and commercial vehicle registration fees will be effective on Dec. 1, 2014. For information, contact the Ministry of Transportation’s IRP Program Office at […]

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Why You Need an IFTA/IRP Point Man

IFTA point man

You can hire a service bureau to shoulder the work that comes with fuel tax and vehicle registration, but it’s a mistake to think that your responsibility ends there. A service bureau can stay on top of government policies and procedures, but it’s not involved in your […]

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Next IFTA/IRP Workshop: May 21 in Lethbridge

IFTA deadlines 2014

Sandy Johnson of North Star Fleet Solutions will present a workshop in Lethbridge on May 21 covering the “The Hidden Cost of Trip Permits,” with strategies to help truck fleets manage vehicle tax, fuel tax, and licensing. Hosted by the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), the workshop is […]

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